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Sandra Jean-Pierre

Category: Art

Study of Hands: Leaning In

On the heels of some pretty awful news two weeks ago, I received an email from someone advising me that they were curating a digital art show and wanted to invite me to participate. I wanted to ignore it. As a matter of fact, when I received a similar email from the same said person a week prior, I did in fact ignore it. I had gotten my hopes up once before on someone who was ‘interested’ in showcasing my

You are looking for me and I will know you when I see you… © 2013 Sandra Jean-Pierre I think of you now, often. in the dim and dark stretches of the night when my back needs rubbing or my soul needs consoling, when my lips need you near to kiss. I imagine our days, filled with small talkings, big love and unspoken knowing nods of the disease that we both refuse to acknowledge, that keeps my arms from wrapping

I’ve begun crocheting again. I decided that I needed to be doing something more tactile with my hands, instead of cerebral with my mind.  The internet is a great place – plenty of spots to learn new things and to discover things about yourself that you never knew quite how to express. But I’ve been online steadily for the past few months and I needed something to break the monotony. So I went back to what I know how to

Hey guys! I have Motivational/Inspirational Quote Prints for sale over at Quotebrary.com – Check out my current offering: I Came To Live Out Loud Print 36x24inches printed on photo gloss paper Buy if you like it and I would LOVE if you guys could help me SPREAD THE WORD wide and far!  I really want this to take off! Love you guys! -S

Hey Guys, I have a NEW print available on my Etsy.com page: Tweet, Share, Like! Also, I did some small switch arounds on my site to make following me a little bit easier and clearer.  If you glance over to your right, you’ll see all my current social sites – check them out! Be sure to check out my Art Prints For Sale page where I will list all my latest prints every week and my Books page for the