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Sandra Jean-Pierre | Digital Artist & Writer of Words.

Tag: desire

Lazy Sunday

© 2017 Sandra Jean-Pierre Promising breeze billowing these curtains as we lie in Our bed   Your lazy Sunday morning kisses dress me in desire.   Listening to the stillness of the world outside, I welcome the feelof your lips on my hot skin relishing how your mouth latches onto my breast   sigh…   how divine, to feel your thigh between my legs – leaning in pushing me to that place   with no words, only moans to let


© 2017 Sandra Jean-Pierre I need you to understand this desire… this hardened nipples pressed into your chest desire this opening my legs before I know what I’m doing? and needing your hand between desire that pause this kiss and moan into your mouth desire this slowly hissed “…unh…ohh… ffffuuuuucccckkkk!” as your Butch tongue takes me desire that ” I’ve been hard and wet for you all day” text desire I need for you, to understand this desire

Dear Butches

Being Butch does not erase your femininity. I don’t desire you because you ‘look’ or ‘act’ like a man. I want you because only you can wear those masculine clothes like you do. I want you because I know that beneath those masculine clothes, are the soft curves and dips that I love… on a women. You are not less to me or lose your Butch Card because you talk about how you would like me to pleasure you or