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Sandra Jean-Pierre | Digital Artist & Writer of Words.

Tag: early writings

Fight In The Belly

I don’t remember what her face looks like. I remember that she had brown skin like mine, that she was wiry, where my own Mom had not been and that she had this boundless energy that I could not for the life of my five year old self, understand. What her sole mission seemed to be though, was to make me walk from one end of the hallway to the next, despite myself.  At first it seemed simple enough: she

Disabled Chronicles, No. 3

My primary disability is like the signature piece to an ensemble that I will never be able to take off. It is the first thing people see when they meet me, one of the only things most remember about me and the thing I must always know how to ‘wear’ well. Where most people have style coaches to show them how to mix and match prints and colors, there is no guide that shows me how to accessorize my disability.

Ever After

I was one of those kids who wasn’t ever satisfied when the teacher got to the end of the story with a “happily ever after.”  I would always wait to see if she would continue and let me know what happened next.  Like there would be a sneak peak into what the characters did once their current situation was resolved. I remember once, in my first grade class, urging the teacher to turn the light blue end pages of the

I haven’t forgotten about this blog. Truth is, I’ve been blogging elsewhere’s.  Not things many would like(?!) or would be interested in… I think.  I am judging now and I’m not sure that is helping. But I didn’t forget about this blog. I think it is easier to ignore MySelf than to look at all the things that I have to put up/deal with.  But I don’t want to lie to you all – You’re my Peoples. And so… Her

Update 10.21.12: Totally realized that contrary to what I had written in this post – I don’t want to be taken care of (I know how to feed myself, shop, get myself bathed, etc…), I want to be cared for (loved, adored, respected, given cuddles and kisses, thought of and shown care in a positive way I can recognize). There is a heap of difference in that. I cried this morning when I realized that I am in need of