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Body Conditions: SMA3

I don’t write about my main condition often.  In fact, I barely mention it’s name in real life (Kugelburg-Welander Syndrome, Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA), Type 3 or just SMA3).  Besides the naming of it not doing much to manage or change it’s effects on me, no one knows WHAT all its name implies or what its effects on me are.  So this usually has me launching into a super simple explanation of how this syndrome is my muscles’ inability to

The Truth Is, I’m Failing

The computer “brain box” of my motorized chair had been failing for some time, I just hadn’t realized it.  As one part or another began to have problems in succession, I would just fix it or replace it, hoping that would be the cure.  Even though the fix would help remedy a portion of my locomotion woes, deep down I knew it didn’t solve all of my issues.  So I pretended it would fix itself or that I was over

Disabled Chronicles, No.93876

Chronicles Of Being Disabled, Entry #93876: Having been properly packed and sent off by Publix’s very own Abuelita, I make my way to the bus stop. I would NOT be stopping at Starbucks for coffee, I would NOT meander and loiter in these Sunday streets. I just wanted to get on home. As I approached the bus shelter, I spied a Little Person. He is a black gentleman that I have seen take this very same bus, quite often. Though

Cease and Desist

Two weeks ago I had to basically send a Cease and Desist letter to my Ex via Facebook. Not because She had been crazy stalking me or anything (that would have entailed a restraining order for sure) or to imply that she is the sort of person to do that either.  Though we have been in communication within the last year, I had to send it to her for my sanity. The last five years since our break-up has been