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Sandra Jean-Pierre

Category: Past

Ever After

I was one of those kids who wasn’t ever satisfied when the teacher got to the end of the story with a “happily ever after.”  I would always wait to see if she would continue and let me know what happened next.  Like there would be a sneak peak into what the characters did once their current situation was resolved. I remember once, in my first grade class, urging the teacher to turn the light blue end pages of the

  I’ve been feeling like punching folks. With my thumb tucked neatly inside my palm and my fingers curled around it.  As solid of a girl punch as I know how to do or that I’ve thrown. I haven’t of course but that hasn’t stopped me from thinking about doing it or wanting to do it.  It’s either that or my arch-nemesis – food. Either way feels like a lose-lose proposition. I have a beach party that I’m supposed to

It is green. It tastes unapologetic like white-fleshed grapefruit – refreshing and bitter all the same. I know that when I take it in the early mornings, the ferrous fumarate will be slowly released within me for the day.  It will break down in the acid of my stomach and course through my iron deficient bloodstream.  It will fill one of the gaps that my body has produced, nutrient wise.  It will ensure me one more healthful day. I generally

Cease and Desist

Two weeks ago I had to basically send a Cease and Desist letter to my Ex via Facebook. Not because She had been crazy stalking me or anything (that would have entailed a restraining order for sure) or to imply that she is the sort of person to do that either.  Though we have been in communication within the last year, I had to send it to her for my sanity. The last five years since our break-up has been