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Sandra Jean-Pierre | Digital Artist & Writer of Words.

Category: Life

Culinary Horizons

In Other News…Tried to expand my culinary horizons by trying out Great Northern Beans, as Black beans are the *only* beans that my Celiac belly seems to tolerate. I am currently regretting my culinary foray as I look like I’m about 3.5 months pregnant and this discomfort is surreal My intestines are swelling section by section. At this rate pants may be optional tomorrow I’ve been trying out new dishes at home, since going out to eat is a definite


The fire always seems to be around the corner. It always seems to be coming; overtaking. It always seems to be the hottest- waiting to burn everything. No matter what, it always seems to just be there. #truestoriesof2021


In the things that cannot be said… In all that 2020 took – I pray safe homegoing, strength for your family, courage for your Wife. You were Dad to me for a short time, provided shelter during my times of need, wise words during my hurt- your silent generosity has me indebted forever. I am thankful for your cover, your protection and love. Thank you Mr. Orr, I stand in the shadow of your greatness. I speak your name. #truestoriesof2021#homegoingcelebration

Disabled Chronicles, No.8

My mind is generally willing – gogogo! Get things done! The cosmos are the limit! Yay all the knowledge! My body? My body has a more practical view of things. Slow and steady, easy does it, maybe not all at once. But it does what it can to keep me here – so I’m thankful, even as I feed it things that soothe my emotions more than my well-being. Together my Mind and Body help me Be: full, vibrant, whole

Disabled Chronicles, No. 376

My case managers used to ask me every year if I wanted to choose home services – so I can stay in my home or a nursing facility. That question was always absurd to me: why would I leave where I am thriving to go to a place where I am almost sure I would not or at a minimum not fully be able to live how I want? Nursing facilities are marginally good options for a lot of situations