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Category: Celiac Disease

Culinary Horizons

In Other News…Tried to expand my culinary horizons by trying out Great Northern Beans, as Black beans are the *only* beans that my Celiac belly seems to tolerate. I am currently regretting my culinary foray as I look like I’m about 3.5 months pregnant and this discomfort is surreal My intestines are swelling section by section. At this rate pants may be optional tomorrow I’ve been trying out new dishes at home, since going out to eat is a definite

Today was the first time meal prepping in my new place. Super nervous cause it’s a smaller place and it was nerve wracking trying to remember where everything is. Pulled off two complete meals in two hours. My aide remarked how it was amazing how things came together in just two hours. I didn’t tell her how nervous I was to guide her through a new to me recipe or how terrified I was that the new smaller rice cooker

Celiac Chronicles, No.7465

That one time you ask your aide to make you multiple servings of the new Cream Of Rice cereal you found and that was purchased along side Bethany’s Cream Of Wheat… And though they were bagged together but in separate containers, your aide managed to grab the wrong box (and you didn’t even think to triple check to ensure she grabbed the correct one) and proceeded to make a whole 12 mini containers worth of the Cream Of Death so


New-to-Me doctors are an interesting bunch: They either discount everything I say and treat me like any other typical patient (never a good idea) or they are so determined to peg me into some kind of category that they miss things. That is never good either. So it was with a leery mind that I followed my PCPs recommendation to follow up with an allergist after things took a left turn for me earlier this year. That horrible blood draw

Golden Milk

In my quest to keep with my regiment and also stay warm, I’ve discovered this yummy hot alternative to cold smoothies.  It takes minutes to whip together, it tastes yummy and helps keep my migraines at bay.  So win-win. (I also refer to this as Turmeric Milk in my upcoming posts) Makes 2 servings 2 cups Silk Coconut Milk 2 tsp. turmeric powder (or fresh grated turmeric root) 1 healthy knob fresh ginger (or 2 tsp. ground ginger) 1 tbsp.