I am a law school noob. And a nerd.
I’m such a law school noob nerd that I voluntarily signed up for a pre-law school school for the next 8 weeks.
There is a future version of me who will be glad that I was strong enough… but now version of me is wondering WTF ???
I have my WHOLE Bachelors from FIU and it says I’m an English major. But I have questions and for the years where I worked and paid my own tuition? I think I may need some of my money back because that English that I read in those case opinions TODAY?!
That English?! It makes me want to throw my whole Bachelors degree in an Oscar The Grouch garbage can. ????
None of the English I learned, wrote or read helped me with my case briefings today. None. Matter of facts, the English I knew, was like, “…what the entire hell is this?!” ? and that was WITH the guided case brief. I’m not even sure what I wrote for my solo case brief.
(Case brief: summary of decided cases. So you read what the judge decided about a particular case and you condense it, keeping certain rules in mind)
I looked up from my desk three times today:
Once after I submitted the first part of my homework. I actually sat outside with Homie for a spell then got right back to it.
Once when my afternoon aide came to make sure I was fed and watered. Then I got right back to it.
Once when my night aide came to put me to bed.
I don’t know what season we’re in, don’t know what I ate (my appetite ‘miraculously’ came back- kinda surprised, not gonna lie), my pajamas smell like wet put away laundry from being ill dried and it’s a travesty but I don’t care, my head is swimming with legal postures (what rule or law or precedent is a case/argument coming from), my floors are looking kinda sus?, everything not school is annoying me already and…
This is just the first four days and my first assignment due.
I’ve stared off into space thrice while writing this.
Hobbies – what are those?! Interests – huh?! Leisure- please don’t cuss at me! ???
Law school has unofficially begun.