New Credit Card:(First day of May) Hey New CC Holder- Welcome!!! Just wanna let you know that your payment will be due on 5/27. FYI.
Me: Oh, that was nice of New Credit Card to send me that email reminder ?
New Credit Card:(on 5/15)Hi!!!!… so listen… just wanna send another reminder about your payment being due on 5/27! Kthxbai!
Me: ?
New Credit Card:(on 5/17)… Maybe you didn’t get my other emails… YOUR PAYMENT IS DUE ON 5/27!
Me: WTF?!
New Credit Card:(on 5/21 -sent 3 emails) I’m not going through dis witchu – I been nice about it and you’ve ignored all my emails! YO BITCHASS PAYMENT DUE IN SIX DAYS! I know where you live AND I WANT MY MONEY!!!
Me: Damn! (Checks to make sure I got enough and sent them their payment)
New Credit Card:(later on 5/21) DIDN’T I TELL YOU- oh… you made payment.
Oh, well, in that case – Thank you for your early payment. It’s been so great doing business with you! Your credit is looking awesome! Great job!
Me: Is this what I signed up for with paperless billing?! ????? Geez!
EDITED TO ADD: This is just my interpretation of their emails. They were professional from the first, just an egregious amount of emails from them, saying the same things.