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Sandra Jean-Pierre | Digital Artist & Writer of Words.

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The exercise path I walk is about three or four miles around. I say walk figuratively because I don’t physically walk it – I roll.  It is not in my neighborhood or in my area but I make it the center of many of the reasons why I go to it.  To get fresh air, to see calming sights, to see people.  It is in an affluent area two cities from mine and I aspire to it.  I let it

I am not sure there is much in life that I have been proud of; even if I’ve worked at something, like finishing my education say, I can’t say I was proud.  If anything I was glad to have gotten it done and over with.  Glad that it was no longer an unfinished task looming over my head, waiting to shame me in some kind of way. But proud?  Proud always makes me feel like it is just a segue

I shouldn’t get as mad as I do with my guts. But when you spend the day having your taste buds and nose viscerally assault you with memories of foods that you can no longer have, it makes it hard to be kind or forgive your innards for being such traitors. This happened to me earlier in the week and though it has been four years (?!) since I’ve had to go gluten free, I had to ask myself in

I want a Love that will take my breath away, that will leave me humbled and grateful and covered in kisses and hugs.  I want to know that whomever she is, will be there for the long and short of it, will support and encourage me, will love and accept all of me.  I want a love without conditions or prejudices.  A Love that is full of open communication, understanding, smiles and laughter.  A Love that is unending and unyielding…