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Sandra Jean-Pierre | Digital Artist & Writer of Words.


So… I’m gonna try to write a little bit more here. Mainly for me… but also for yous. Irrelevant things, sad things, thinking things? Only when I can. If it gets too sad, you can duck out – no hard feelings. Holding it in hasn’t helped. Maybe sharing some would be better. And just for the record: I have my long time therapist that I’m still hooked-in with. She is helping me to do the ugly, heavy lifting of these

Culinary Horizons

In Other News…Tried to expand my culinary horizons by trying out Great Northern Beans, as Black beans are the *only* beans that my Celiac belly seems to tolerate. I am currently regretting my culinary foray as I look like I’m about 3.5 months pregnant and this discomfort is surreal My intestines are swelling section by section. At this rate pants may be optional tomorrow I’ve been trying out new dishes at home, since going out to eat is a definite


I feel like I keep failing. Failing at words, failing at art, failing at showing up, failing at doing things right. I feel selfish for always thinking of me and how things affect me. I feel foolish for not thinking of me more, sooner. I feel doomed to not think of me enough in the future. I feel like I fail to see things. Obvious things. I see things instead how they could be or should be or maybe one


The fire always seems to be around the corner. It always seems to be coming; overtaking. It always seems to be the hottest- waiting to burn everything. No matter what, it always seems to just be there. #truestoriesof2021