This law school journey has shed light on how much my abilities have changed since I was last in school 12 years ago.
It is sobering.
And scary.
I’ve had heartburn for the past two days worrying about how I’m gonna do physically while in school.
The best thing to do is reach out to the supports available to me at the school to find out more.
So I did.
Worrying won’t do anything but ruin my time off now.
Information on my options is the best way forward.
Let’s go forwards then.
But I am also angry.
Angry that this feels like it will be super difficult not for the school work but for all the coordinating I will have to do to get to the school work.
I’m angry because my body cannot operate at the level I wish it would.
Angry that I finally get on a path just for Me and it feels so overwhelming already.
I am angry for all the promises made to me about support and family that were just lip service.
Angry that… life is so unfair.
Please don’t offer ‘solutions’. I am well aware of the steps I need to take. I’m angry that I have to take them in the first place. I need to vent, I need to get angry and I’ll get on with it. This is part of this process too.
Here’s to finding out more and making this journey as easy on me as I can. ?