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Sandra Jean-Pierre

Category: Past

So… I can’t say that I had a sexual revolution like most people had.  During my 20s when such a thing, I’m thinking, was supposed to have occurred, I was working crazy hours at a job I didn’t ever think I would be doing (corporate) for an impossible family situation (my mother died and we siblings were basically fending for ourselves – that is a recounting for another day). I literally only fantasized about what it would be like one

Update 10.21.12: Totally realized that contrary to what I had written in this post – I don’t want to be taken care of (I know how to feed myself, shop, get myself bathed, etc…), I want to be cared for (loved, adored, respected, given cuddles and kisses, thought of and shown care in a positive way I can recognize). There is a heap of difference in that. I cried this morning when I realized that I am in need of

When I was just about to start school, I was tested. During those times (late seventies/early eighties) any kid who was in a wheelchair or had leg braces or seizures was tested to see just how Special Ed. they were.  Me and my wheelchair would be no exception. I remember being taken into a rather large room and met with a male psychologist (?).  In the center of the room was a semi-circle table with part of the center carved

I didn’t come out till I was in my late twenties.  My mother had been long dead and any reservations I had about being wrong about being lesbian were nil because I had met a Someone who felt some kind of way about me. It was still difficult, because I had to contend with the rag-tag group of people I had cobbled around me.  The main ones were knee deep Bible toting Christians who came to know the Me I

I ate my first  batch of fish sticks and tartar sauce in almost two and a half years. Though I at times consider myself a food snob of sorts (I mean what is there NOT to love about the buttery, custardy, creamy goodness that is Crème brûlée?!), I am not above the plain and simple of Americana cuisine. I am all about the mouth feel, combinations and limits of what everyday fare can be manipulated into becoming.  I didn’t just