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Sandra Jean-Pierre

Category: Writing

The Truth Is, I’m Failing

The computer “brain box” of my motorized chair had been failing for some time, I just hadn’t realized it.  As one part or another began to have problems in succession, I would just fix it or replace it, hoping that would be the cure.  Even though the fix would help remedy a portion of my locomotion woes, deep down I knew it didn’t solve all of my issues.  So I pretended it would fix itself or that I was over


I just finished reading Hannah Hart’s book, Buffering: Tales Of A Life Fully Loaded (that’s an affiliate link btw) and I am sitting here triggered as fuck. It’s not that it wasn’t a great book – it is. It’s not that it was too graphic – it wasn’t. It’s just that I saw myself and some of my prior situations in so much of her words and in such a different light, that I get why folks get all glassy-eyed


Yes. I’m alive.  Sometimes barely so, but I am here. I’ve been pacing around the perimeter of this blog like a caged animal, wondering if I should look into it, wondering if I should look at it, wondering if I should try and breathe life back through it. It’s been so long since I’ve kissed her, that I’ve almost forgotten the taste of her words across my lips… No promises. What I know to be true is that when I


After writing a post about showing up in your own life, I haven’t been doing that here… or many other places, at all. I could blame it on any number of valid things: incapacitating migraines, being sick with this seasons flu of the month, Life®.  And all those things are true.  I’ve been a special kind of sick these past few weeks and I am not sure where or why all these various degrees of sickness have decided to descend


Here is an interview I did for Middle Gray Magazine, run by a former university classmate, Dariel Suarez 🙂 Enjoy! -S ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Feeding and Sheltering Artistic Minds Middle Gray Magazine is a quarterly online publication featuring emerging artists of various disciplines including, but not limited to, Visual Arts, Music, Literature and Performance Arts. “You have to write what you know. And in order to know, you need to examine yourself. No matter how painful or terrible it may feel.”— Sandra