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Tag: food

Disabled Chronicles, No.213

PLEASE tell me why in the year 2016 that there are some folks working in the food service industry that STILL DON’T know how to handle their disabled customers? Lemme help y’all out: If I am coming to your establishment WITH US currency visible IN MY HAND, your response should NOT be: A) to ignore my tapping on your door to let me in by pretending to be so involved with that one customers order, B) nor should your response

Disabled Chronicles, No.5637

  I generally relegate my grocery shopping to Sundays. While most folks are at church, I make my way to the mainly empty stores to get my shopping done for the week, usually without incident. So it was without particular exception that I did the same this Sunday. I had the Nephew hand me my purse and I was out. It would be a short trip. Once at the store, I passed one of my usual helpers on my way

Disabled Chronicles, No.1303

That one time you were so hangry that you didn’t follow your own pill/medication protocol of cutting or crushing your pills before attempting to ask your spazzy throat to take deliverance of them. And true to form your throat spazzes the f€&k out mid-swallow sending you into a right panic because ALL of the pills (one aspirin and two gel tabs) manage to dam up in your throat tighter than a cork in a wine bottle? But before you succumb

Disabled Chronicles, No.8932

…That one time, you thought those frozen GF waffles that have been in the freezer since the day after Jésus turned that water into wine, was a good idea for lunch? Only to be reminded that GF food ain’t loyal, cause both waffles turned into saw dust as soon as you cut into them? Yet you remained undaunted, cause YO-f&@kin’-LO and INSTANTANEOUSLY regretted your pseudo-bravery because there is NO WAY these gravelly bits of waffle will be a good idea

Disabled Chronicles, No.374905871

Disabled Chronicles Definition Of The Day: Struggle Smoothie: That 1/2 of a sad banana, 2/3 of a spinach leaf, them 2 and 5/8th piece of strawberry, the whisper of pineapple you spoke into the blender pitcher, along with half your ice supply and the two drops of soymilk you managed to wrench from the carton before you dared to press blend. Sentence: Maybe if I drink this #strugglesmoothie slowly, it will hold me till lunch. ~~~~~~~~~ Lean finances be damned,