For the past month, I have been creating… but not like you’d think.

I’ve been giving answers to questions on paperwork to create means to clear up my backyard, still.

I’ve been making phone calls, creating and rekindling connections.

I’ve been taking inventory of our kitchen, creating a situation where ‘food insecure’ and our home no longer appear in the same sentence… except for this one, in words only.

I’ve been making boundaries, creating safe spaces where I can rest.

I’ve been saying No, a lot. Creating space so I can breathe.

I’ve been neck deep in my meditations, creating a source within that can withstand all that is required of me.

I’ve been plotting and planning bits and pieces of things I need to say and do and feel, so I can create my better tomorrows.

Because when tragedy and silence share the same address (Complainers – Rudy Francisco), they make you forget that you are more than the situation that you’ve found yourself in. And it’s hard to see any forward progression when everything around you feels like a puzzle to be solved before you can move on to the next step.

So… I have been creating this past month…

Protect Ya Life Fam

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