This is what 123/84 bp looks like after almost 2 months (started July 7, 2020) of TiTi’s Moringa and regular bp meds daily, kidney supportive smoothies every other day, lowering my salt intake and being in a space that is not stressful.

My morning aide and I started taking Titi’s Moringa the same day. She’s lost over 14lbs and so far one dress size. She commented just yesterday how my butt didn’t take up the whole seat of my chair anymore 😂😂😂 This is verifiable because I used to only have her adjust me in my chair once. Now I need her to adjust me twice cause I can’t seem to sit comfortably anymore – too much room 😳

My clothes feel like I’m playing dress up – I think I’ll be down 2 shirt sizes and a pant size by Thanksgiving 😮 I didn’t let my last bottle of moringa run out before I purchased my next. Play if you want to but these results are too real to joke around with, especially about my bp, which at its worst in May 2020 topped off at 155/101.

I’m over here like… 🥰

Choose You Fam, always choose You 💗