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Sandra Jean-Pierre | Digital Artist & Writer of Words.

Category: Poetry

For Tonight

© 2017 Sandra Jean-Pierre mind numb Your embrace reminds me that i am warm human loved tears threaten but find no path of release my eyes close feeling your hands all over Me smelling You all through Me you here tasting Your lips tepidly with my tongue, timidly begging entrance but you are Mine, there is no asking tonight only taking what it is I need to survive… rough my lips on yours my tongue in your mouth your breath

This Love

© 2017 Sandra Jean-Pierre Brows furrowed in far away dreams, body strong beneath our sheets, you sleep your smell bathing my senses i belong to you in these silent moments in this hallowed darkness every inch of me is Yours and the understanding breaks into a million silent fragments – despite the hardship despite the uncertainty despite Your fear You choose me in all the ways you allow me to love you in all the words i cannot say in

Long Forgotten

© 2017 Sandra Jean-Pierre My palms across the expanse of your back so broad, so smooth i deliver my whispered gratitude of You into the small of your neck, these lips reciting long forgotten prayers of praise into your mouth before we kiss each incantation bringing your love closer, i kneel before your alter, feeling intrepid fingers guide me to your glistening entrance i sup, tenderly drinking in your divine nectar You moan, your breath catching from the verses coming

Need You

© 2017 Sandra Jean-Pierre “OhhhMmhhh… I need you!” you’ve told me you love hearing me say it love how my body, from wanting, trembles and sways taut like a violin string, ready to make music for Your pleasure You take your time now, feeling the heat rise, feeling my breath quicken, feeling my submission to You are careful not to tease to the point that i break but You love seeing me in this agonized pleasure, in this full need


© SJP In these early morning hours, as sleep still whispers softly in your ear, I curl into your arms, inhaling your scent aroused that I get these moments with You… groggily, you awake my gentle moans your Good Morning, as I anticipate your hands finding their place and your open palms settle across my back, stoking my desire close-eyed your lips greet me as that deep throated grunt resonates from your chest to mine, Your thigh spreads open my