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Sandra Jean-Pierre | Digital Artist & Writer of Words.

Category: Short Stories

In Miami

© 2009 Sandra Jean-Pierre There is a place in Miami where you can get American Processed Cheese Food for pennies per pre-wrapped slice. Imagine my surprise and gratitude the day I discovered this. Surprise as Abuelo casually shuffled the tepidly chilled slices in the cold food case with deft fingers, dropping slice on slice till he reached my desired 1/4 pound request. Gratitude that thankfully, I was not the first to make such a demand on his time. Time I

Chain Smoking Cookie Fiend

© 2008 Sandra Jean-Pierre I began smoking when I was 8. My step-father was actually the only known smoker in the apartment and when he didn’t have an ash tray handy, he would have me bring the cigarette ends to the bathroom and tell me to put them in the toilet and flush or turn on the tap and make sure they were out. But this was me he was talking to, the kid who he swore was pulling the