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Sandra Jean-Pierre | Digital Artist & Writer of Words.

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Amazing! First Art Show

Well… it is done! This art show was AMAZING! I was nervous for a bit but seeing my prints (that many of my Facebook friends helped make happen) fixed all that! Being in that space, with all the other artists was like a dream! It was too awesome having my family and friends there for support💗💗💗 Reactions… I was not ready for people’s reaction when they saw my work?! They were genuinely moved and touched by them in ways that

Study of Hands: Leaning In

On the heels of some pretty awful news two weeks ago, I received an email from someone advising me that they were curating a digital art show and wanted to invite me to participate. I wanted to ignore it. As a matter of fact, when I received a similar email from the same said person a week prior, I did in fact ignore it. I had gotten my hopes up once before on someone who was ‘interested’ in showcasing my


Here is an interview I did for Middle Gray Magazine, run by a former university classmate, Dariel Suarez 🙂 Enjoy! -S ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Feeding and Sheltering Artistic Minds Middle Gray Magazine is a quarterly online publication featuring emerging artists of various disciplines including, but not limited to, Visual Arts, Music, Literature and Performance Arts. “You have to write what you know. And in order to know, you need to examine yourself. No matter how painful or terrible it may feel.”— Sandra

© 2013 Sandra Jean-Pierre The cards lay wantonly, this un-winning hand exposed with all watching. Taking the Lion’s share of the suffering, owner succumbing to the decorated waxy surfaces’ hidden meanings. Quickly, quickly! There is no time left for being children! Deaf eyes mute survival with poisoned grief of regret. Blame, thick as flies on death, comes invited by guilt, fermenting like unclaimed bodies in the sun, spoon fed to those who also suffer, who also mourn, who know better

I’ve begun crocheting again. I decided that I needed to be doing something more tactile with my hands, instead of cerebral with my mind.  The internet is a great place – plenty of spots to learn new things and to discover things about yourself that you never knew quite how to express. But I’ve been online steadily for the past few months and I needed something to break the monotony. So I went back to what I know how to