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Sandra Jean-Pierre | Digital Artist & Writer of Words.

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Amazing! First Art Show

Well… it is done! This art show was AMAZING! I was nervous for a bit but seeing my prints (that many of my Facebook friends helped make happen) fixed all that! Being in that space, with all the other artists was like a dream! It was too awesome having my family and friends there for support💗💗💗 Reactions… I was not ready for people’s reaction when they saw my work?! They were genuinely moved and touched by them in ways that

So… I’ve been brainstorming – trying to find a way to cover my Special Snowflake Food Budget Situation, as mentioned in Beautiful Hunger and I came up with something that I want to share with you guys. I do vector illustrations of hands for fun.  The hours of painstaking labor actually relaxes me and puts me in a zen zone that would be second only to when I eat ice cream.  Yeah, I know.  But it does.  So I was