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Sandra Jean-Pierre | Digital Artist & Writer of Words.

Tag: femme

Lazy Sunday

© 2017 Sandra Jean-Pierre Promising breeze billowing these curtains as we lie in Our bed   Your lazy Sunday morning kisses dress me in desire.   Listening to the stillness of the world outside, I welcome the feelof your lips on my hot skin relishing how your mouth latches onto my breast   sigh…   how divine, to feel your thigh between my legs – leaning in pushing me to that place   with no words, only moans to let

Her Dominance

© 2017 SandraJean-Pierre In her bed, wrapped in sheets and sweat my cum fresh on her face and fingers her name still lingering in the damp air from these bruised parted lips my cheeks so flushed from what her tongue made this body feel and do the heaven on this bed marked by my love notes scratched crimson into her broad, strong back her pride at making me her quivering mess, my shame in needing her like this so much

This Love

© 2017 Sandra Jean-Pierre Brows furrowed in far away dreams, body strong beneath our sheets, you sleep your smell bathing my senses i belong to you in these silent moments in this hallowed darkness every inch of me is Yours and the understanding breaks into a million silent fragments – despite the hardship despite the uncertainty despite Your fear You choose me in all the ways you allow me to love you in all the words i cannot say in