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Sandra Jean-Pierre

Category: Disabled Chronicles

Disabled Chronicles, No. 1019

That one time you’re riding the bus after traipsing through what feels like ALL of northeastern Miami running errands and you’re FINALLY about to press the buzzer for your stop, when an Island Elder starts talking ABOUT you, like you’re not even there? You take a deep breath because it’s almost not worth the indignation to rebut cause your stop is about to come up, but she KEEPS talking and gawking like you’re some kind of circus side show and

Disabled Chronicles, No.3765:

That one time, you make it home before everyone else and you have to let yourself in but your automatic door opener has been busted for over a year and coming by $1500 to get a new one is next to impossible. So you head to the back door, since that door knob is a lot lower and somewhat easier for you to open on your own, even though it will take you 75 minutes (give or take some cursing

Human Kindness

Been feeling kinda bummed. Thinking about how things in my life have not turned out the way I imagined, despite how hard I try and push. So I headed out, to run some errands… I also stopped off and grabbed some eats. After my order arrives, the manager of the place comes and tells me that my bill has been taken care of by some folks… He didn’t know who they were. He thought I did. I did not. I

Disabled Chronicles, No. 7645

I’m always fascinated by people’s perceptions of me. The stories they tell themselves about how it must be to be me. I was acutely aware of this during my hospital stay. The staff there assumed I lived in a facility and not my home. They assumed I lived with my Mom, that I needed 24 hour care and that they should have pity towards me. I wasn’t there to prove anything to them, just to get myself well. But when