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Sandra Jean-Pierre

Tag: same sex relationship

I am not an easy person to love. I am a challenge, a case study in patience. I am complicated. Not on purpose.  I’m not sure people set out to be elaborate, thorny bundled masses of Complex® on purpose.  It’s just what you end up with once Life, situations … people are through with you.  You wind up getting up from the ground one day and realize how ramshackled and rough around the edges you are and in the next

You are looking for me and I will know you when I see you… © 2013 Sandra Jean-Pierre I think of you now, often. in the dim and dark stretches of the night when my back needs rubbing or my soul needs consoling, when my lips need you near to kiss. I imagine our days, filled with small talkings, big love and unspoken knowing nods of the disease that we both refuse to acknowledge, that keeps my arms from wrapping

It’s one of those nights, where the day has worn on me long and thin, where my eyes burn but I push them to entertain me anyway. It is one of those nights where I am needy and greedy and visceral with it to no one in particular.  It is one of those dangerous nights when all my pieces don’t want to add up yet I refuse to run on a deficit. One of those nights where nothing is wrong

I want a Love that will take my breath away, that will leave me humbled and grateful and covered in kisses and hugs.  I want to know that whomever she is, will be there for the long and short of it, will support and encourage me, will love and accept all of me.  I want a love without conditions or prejudices.  A Love that is full of open communication, understanding, smiles and laughter.  A Love that is unending and unyielding…