© 2010 Sandra Jean-Pierre

…there but for grace and mercy…

I’ve walked the thousand steps,
by the thousands before me,
in this thousand moments journey.

Favored children,
sleeping restless sleeps,
eating fetid dreams
of those unaccustomed to dreaming,
much less eating,
never you mind sleeping.

Preying demise
and not life
for existence,
leaving a trail of the fallen.

Even I have not been exempt.

These eyes had grown accustomed to shielding
against endless horizons
by slow and steady hands,
with slow and steady understandings

that no man
had words enough
to breathe life
against such wanton

of character
or intent.

There leave me –
keep me looking,
pushing beyond
what charmed belongings
stayed buried behind

of miracles –
with what was left,
to make anew.

Life truly is for the living.

So this journey commences,
not without cursed malice
or treacherous harm,
like blisters against
no longer guarded eyes.

Fractious intentions
chanting like choir
offer little enticement –
oh quarrelsome, bothersome
divisions –

I still see you.

And today
will not be
That day.