A continuous theme I have running in my head is to Show Up, in my own life especially.  I have a knack of showing up for things and other people but not for myself in the ways that matter the most.

But I showed up for myself the other day…

Here is the FB post (yeah, I’m one of those Facebook posters) I wrote about it:

A very lovely Handlebar Mustachioed Gentleman paid for my Iced Tea Lemonade at Starbucks this afternoon. He was in line ahead of me and did a double take when I pulled up behind him. Thinking nothing of the stares I get when I go out, I minded the business at hand of finding my Starbucks card in my bottomless pit of a purse and otherwise ignored him, though I found his mustache intriguing.

When It was my turn to pay for my order, the equally nice cashier waved me on. I was confused. He then pointed to the Mustachioed Gentleman and said he paid for me. When I tried to approach him to thank him, he pretended to be about some very serious business on his cell phone.

So as we both waited for our drinks, I positioned myself by the door, so he would have to pass me on his way out. On cue, his drink was served up and he made a mad dash for the exit, at which point I piped up a sincere, albeit quiet ‘Thank You.’, to which he replied an equally heartfelt ‘You’re welcome Baby’.

Now, not being one for names of affection, I generally scoff at being called ‘Honey’, ‘Baby’ and the ilk, unless I know you. But something about this man and how he cared for me today allowed me to receive his gift of Humanity, of Thoughtfulness, of Love wholeheartedly.

This small exchange reminded me about Showing Up in your own life. My intention today was to make a quick dash to the store and then to squirrel myself away to write. But a wild hair sparked my sense of adventure and I took off for the familiar unknown. For my obedience to heed the call of Life, I was rewarded with $1.00 worth of winnings on a scratch-off (though I lost it on the second scratch-off I purchased – it was fun anyway), an elevator ride with a gaggle of handsome, funny gentlemen, a free iced tea lemonade, wonderful service where ever I went and the most comfortable seating in my own chair that I have experienced in some days due to pain in my side.

Before planning out what I wanted to do today, I set the intention that ‘Today will be an Awesome Day’. And it was because I was present and Showed Up everywhere I went.

Today, was a really good day. #ShowUp