On the heels of some pretty awful news two weeks ago, I received an email from someone advising me that they were curating a digital art show and wanted to invite me to participate.

I wanted to ignore it.

As a matter of fact, when I received a similar email from the same said person a week prior, I did in fact ignore it. I had gotten my hopes up once before on someone who was ‘interested’ in showcasing my digital art only to find out that I had to pay money I couldn’t afford to pay, for a chance I so desperately wanted at the time but couldn’t take. So when these emails kept coming from this one place, I remained wary.

But being the curious soul that I am, I responded to the second query, which led to a phone call, which resulted in a sojourn to Pembroke Pines by bus (that I hope to blog about soon !!!), which will culminate in my FIRST (shared) gallery art showcase of some of my Study of Hands pieces!

Guys… 6 of my pieces are about to be shown in a gallery! Like, legit.

I am excited, I am shocked and a little bit in disbelief. This started as a hobby, as a way to hold onto my Illustrator skills and improve upon them. It grew into exploring different avenues of maintaining my creativity, since the progression of my SMA has prevented me from crocheting, taking pictures or even writing as much as I would like. Only a handful of y’all have seen my work and I was content with that. You guys love it, I love creating them, it felt great.

And now? A whole bunch of people will have the chance to see my pieces, printed and framed, for the first time and hopefully fall in love with them too. Late last year, I casually sent into the Universe my wish for my art to do more than just sit passively on my computer or on the servers of Fine Art America (where the curator of the show found me). And it is a wish actively being fulfilled. ?

I’d love to invite you guys to help me launch my FIRST gallery showing right! We’ve decided that the best size to show my pieces would be 20 in. x 30 in. – pretty substantial! Framed and matted – which is pretty expensive. ?

Leaning In…

So after much deliberation, I’ve decided to be open to taking donations to help fund my first gallery showing! Though accepting assistance is something new for me, as independent as I am, I am taking this opportunity and I’m leaning in.  I’m leaning into my community, I’m leaning into all those who love my work and want to support me, I’m leaning into the love and goodness around me.

For all those who’ve wanted to buy a print but never got around to it – this is your chance to support! For those who love what I do and want to chip in -now is your chance! Got latte money to spare? NOW IS YOUR CHANCE to throw your good money behind a great cause!

My goal is to print and frame 6 pieces and you can help make that happen by donating via the links below:



Cash App: $SandraJP13

Donating any amount will help fund my very FIRST gallery showing for selected pieces from my Study of Hands series to be shown at Studio 18 in Pembroke Pines on March 23, 2018! As we get closer, I’ll post updates on framing progress and more info on the showing.

Thank you so much