Been busy… pretty tired. Forgot to take a pic of the other dish we made today… it was yummy though 😋
But these still happen. I notice that I don’t cook as often since I’ve been in my new home, cause I don’t eat as much? I may take a pic of my ridiculous freezer cause ridiculousness 😂😂😂 I am grateful, ever grateful that I get to eat yummy safe food. 😌
I made out with however many dishes this is plus 14 more from the rice and Haitian Legim dish. And I had quite a bit left from last time.
SO.MUCH.PLANNING. Sweet tap dancing Jesús! Even involved me having to Instacart a larger caldero (shodyé) cause my medium one couldn’t cut it any longer 😂😂😂 best $30 I’ve spent yet. The new caldero handled that legim like a champ!
My aide did an excellent job! 🙏🏽