Being Butch does not erase your femininity. I don’t desire you because you ‘look’ or ‘act’ like a man. I want you because only you can wear those masculine clothes like you do. I want you because I know that beneath those masculine clothes, are the soft curves and dips that I love… on a women.

You are not less to me or lose your Butch Card because you talk about how you would like me to pleasure you or that you have your period or that you hurt. Before you are Butch, you are first human, then woman. For me to deny that, would be to have lost sense of my humanity, my compassion, my tenderness.

I will never tell you that you ‘must’ do the masculine chores in our home. As a femme, I know how to change a door knob, change an air conditioner filter, lay tile and not worry about ‘how that would make me look’. Because I know that I would look fabulous doing it. Just like you would look beautiful cooking us dinner, doing our laundry or caring for our baby. Roles don’t define you. Your love and intentions do.

I want you because your masculine lesbian energies balance me and feel like home. Your gentlewoman ways and protections show me your love and grace in a too harsh world. For that I will always Thank You.

…And in the middle of the night, when you rest your head on my breast and allow yourself to let go, better believe that I will be there to catch you – all of you… because being Butch, does not erase your femininity. Don’t you ever let anyone tell you different because it is what makes you, You.

-The Invisible Femme