Gerbera2C © Sandra Jean-Pierre

Gerbera2C © Sandra Jean-Pierre

© 2008 Sandra Jean-Pierre


Not in that same place-

the barefoot on wet shower floor space
the dry heaving, chest collapsing place
not that half sleep/stumbling pace

Not from that place

where these lips crack
from neglect and under/use
where this brow furrows
from deep incandescent
soul searching truths
where thieves take from pockets
unearned souf (breath)

not in that place

of broken-words
and broken-ness
and un-done seams
in broken dreams

not from that place…

where I laid


in those wilderness parts
frail hands my only guards
against the elements
against the malcontent
within this heart…

…that I gave

under the absence of pretense
without the guise of
repentant lies

I gave

the cradle
where my soul sleeps
the moments
between my heart beats
the womb
where my children speak

in a word: all of me