Study Of Hands #2 © Sandra Jean-Pierre

Study Of Hands #2 © Sandra Jean-Pierre

© 2003 Sandra Jean-Pierre

My hands…
like unsuspecting
trigger explosions
on the landscape of your body
slow motion
as my semi calloused
glide across
of your skin,
un abating
to your tides and tremors
I begin
my work
of soothing out
your pains and hurts
of kneading out the trauma
from your back…

My simple hands
keep secret
the shames
only your belly has been
able to scream
and I can’t seem
to keep track
of the nightmares
and degradations
that fall away from your shoulder blades
as my fingers
untangle the fear and faith
from your thighs.

In small successive waves
my palm-flats
soothe away
the hard day from around
your neck and eyes
and I can’t seem to get enough of your
soul-healing sighs.

As we lay
side by side
I realize how humbling
this is
how necessary these moments are
for me-
to be part
of the remolding
re birthing
– of you.

Peeling back the protective exterior
and revealing your strength anew
as I pray these moments never cease
cause they keep me
loving you
the exact way
I know that you need me to.

So allow me
allow me the pretense
of your hips and elbows,
the circumstance
of your
quivering lips
and flared nose
the envy of the angels
and the devil himself
– your soul
While these simple hands
hold on
hold on