There are tears Black Women shed, that speak of every disappointment and hurt that’s brought her to this very moment.

They are tears of anguish and sometimes despair that maybe encompass never being regarded as precious, even as a GirlBaby or a WomanChild. They are tears of anger for having to do more, be more, give more and yet never being met where she stands, much less where she cries.

They are tears of revolution for her gifts being plundered and expected, demanded and relied upon. There are tears of fire and exhaustion. There are tears no one ever gets to see or carry.

There are tears a Black Woman sheds, that you’d consider yourself lucky to wipe away because you get to help ‘make it better’.

And there are those tears, that are the last tears; that set her resolve, eyes half-mast seeing bullshit ten miles yon’. Those tears that lock her away, for protection.

There are tears Black women cry…