Pineapple, mango, coconut meat, coconut yogurt, 4 oz. of green juice/beet juice, healthy knob of ginger, water.


I forgot the ginger while I drank the first half of the blend, then added it to the second half and I promise you my throat and chest felt like they were in hand to hand combat with the pepperiness of the ginger – wooo! 😳 My nose is runny RIGHT.NOW.

When I run out of the coconut yogurt, it will not be making an appearance in this blend. The young coconut is enough to make the blend palatable and GI safe. The yogurt is too much.

Not enough greens. I did find a Gluten Free green powder that I want to buy to add to it. So that will be happening next week, if I can get it by then. I’ll finish out this week with what I have.

Felt headachy yesterday, so this blend is right on time. Feeling good, full and my GI tract doesn’t seem to be in revolt.

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