That one time you’re riding the bus after traipsing through what feels like ALL of northeastern Miami running errands and you’re FINALLY about to press the buzzer for your stop, when an Island Elder starts talking ABOUT you, like you’re not even there?

You take a deep breath because it’s almost not worth the indignation to rebut cause your stop is about to come up, but she KEEPS talking and gawking like you’re some kind of circus side show and you’re already thin patience has waned like the waxing moon as you open your mouth (i.e., the 57th Level of Cussing Hell) to say something that will surely start something.

But merciful heavens! Your stop has arrived and instead of using your ire to say something slick to the Island Elder, you use your remaining coherent vocabulary to alert the Bus Driver, “HEY! HEY! THIS STOP HERE!” but by the time he has come out of his thoughts, he’s over shot your stop by at least half a block, sending Island Elder into a monologue about you… like you’re not even there… again?

But you just decide to FTS (Fuck This Shit) and hustle off this bus cause you just need to make it home because today wasn’t one of those days for fighting?

No? Never happened to you?

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