Still alternating between the Migraine Blend and the Turmeric Milk. I plan to phase out the Turmeric Milk by the end of this month, depending on the weather. If it gets cold enough, I’ll bring it back. If not, I’ll be riding out on the Migraine Blend only come February 1 with the addition of turmeric to offset the turmeric I won’t be getting since I’ll be cutting out the milk.

Apparently I did have a migraine last week? I had pressure on my right temple for a good 5 days. Like someone had their big ole thumb pressed to my temple. But that was it. No light, smell, color, noise sensitivity. No feelings of pin pricks down my face/neck/back/migraine dependent side. No feeling like my nervous system had about enough and wanted to implode. None of that. At all. I had a bit of nausea but not enough to require my prescription meds, just a bit of extra ginger in my blend/milk. To tell you the truth, if not for having to think about how I felt last week for this post, I wouldn’t have even thought about it.

But I will say it was a migraine. That’s the least destructive and disruptive one I’ve experienced since I’ve had them… so about 20 years? I can’t believe I’m sitting here writing about it so casually. I’m super thankful I didn’t endure what I usually do <3

Other than that, I sleep fairly well through the night, when I do fall asleep. I have a great amount of energy to get through the day. My skin has gotten nicer, not dry like it usually gets. My face seems brighter, or something. I look refreshed I think is the word? No GI upset.

Eating enough is still a challenge. Going through some emotional turmoil with that. Trying to find my balance as I don’t really feel like snacking, which is weird for me, since I *always* have some kind of ice cream, cookies, etc… on hand. I ate my last bit of ice cream 3 weeks or more ago and I am not craving it at all. Like not even a little bit. Nor do I want cookies (I always wanted cookies before). So I’m trying to be nicer to myself about the whole thing and just making my smoothies bigger to make up some of my caloric deficit.

That’s all I got Citizens – see you next week!

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