Missed two non-consecutive days worth of blends this week. I thought I would be fine until Mother Nature brought a migraine Tuesday night. Full on.

Made sure not to miss anymore blends since the migraine commenced and modified the blend to remove the greens (and increase the turmeric), since the smell of the greens increased my nausea.

Managed to make it through the migraine with at most horrible nausea. I had some disturbance with my vision, sense of hearing, sense of smell and taste. It was uncomfortable but not nearly as unbearable as I’ve endured. There was some pins and needles pain down my back for a little bit. I did have to take ibuprofen for pain 3 times. I did not take my heavy duty migraine prescription, though I would have if the pain had increased or didn’t subside.

The migraine felt like it couldn’t decide where to land and stay. Usually with a migraine it starts on one side of my body then either stays or migrates to the other side. This time it felt more like it was in my sinuses and wanted to grab hold and stay but it didn’t/couldn’t. I want to say it was the turmeric and how my body has been changed by the greens these past weeks because I can’t explain it any other way. This was an atypical migraine for me, in the least.

So far, I’ve had two migraines within this month and neither of them have been debilitating like my last 8 day migraine of 2016. Both migraines have been less than 5 days in duration each.

Had some turmeric milk the last two nights to help me sleep. No greens blend since my sense of smell won’t allow it.

This progress has been interesting and I’m actually pleased. I hope to be able to add my greens back as soon as my sense of smell/taste allows.

See you next week Citizens!

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