This is what the serenity of my new home looks and feels like.

I wanted to share it with You because in large part, You helped to make it possible. I wish I could have a literal house warming and invite y’all over for some gluten free goodness, good company and good times. I look at the physical things that everyone has been able to gift me with and I am humbled, thankful, moved to tears.

You guys have made one of the most difficult transitions of my life to date, that much more comfortable. Most of the ‘big’ things to get me here have been done, with only a handful of things left to get through. But I am thankful to Homie, Bee, Jamil, Ortencia, Tray Rock, Foxy, Ms. Jacqui, all #TheVillage on the ground moving and packing and keeping me safe, giving me ground to land. I am indebted to all the Angels who didn’t know of Me (and especially those who do know me) and gave of their treasures and coin. I am forever thankful of those who sent well wishes ahead of me on this way.

I wish I had more than Thank You… but in the land of Starting Over, sometimes Thank You is all One has… Thank You ?

Sincerely, Me

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