Hey Fam 😊
I started a Youtube channel dedicated to sounds to help with sleeping and I’d love it if you’d pop over, subscribe and hit the notification bell to be alerted when I post.
The name of the channel is Elevate Relaxing Sleep: https://youtube.com/channel/UCucwXPf91oi6L5LR_xjAoQA
I have one 21 videos up now, another that will post later today and another that will post tomorrow.
The great thing about these videos is that they are ELEVEN HOURS long! Yes – ELEVEN HOURS. So you could in theory play them on your TV or other device all night, without interruption.
Not only that, the screen is total BLACKNESS, so the annoying glare from say a TV, won’t disturb your hard won sleep. I’ve paid special attention to make these sounds as soothing as possible.
Finally, every video’s info section is filled with recommendations on items to help make your sleep as comfy as possible. Click the links below each video to see my picks – buy what you think might work for you and leave what doesn’t.
I hope you subscribe and join me on this journey. Most importantly, I hope this helps you sleep. 💜