Me: (Checks time to make sure Doctor’s office is open. Dials.)

Office Worker John: Thank You for calling Dr. X’s office, this is John* (*Not his real name), how may I help you?

Me: Good Morning John! This is Sandra Jean-Pierre (In my best sing-songy upbeat voice). How are you?

OWJ: Pretty good Ms. Jean-Pierre, how can I help you today?

Me: Well John, my labs came back and I was told a script was gonna be called in for me YESTERDAY but I stopped by Walgreens yesterday evening and nothing was there. I kinda don’t want my kidney falling out at this point as it’s been going on a WEEK that I’ve been suffering with this infection and you know, I’m really attached to that kidney, so… can you help me out here John?

OWJ: (With nervous laughter in his voice) Oh dear! We don’t want that! Uhhh… let me, let me find someone to help you with that. Can I place you on hold?

Me: Sure thing John, sure thing.

OWJ: (Comes back a few minutes later) Okay Ms. Jean-Pierre! Anne* (*Not her real name) from the lab, will be giving you a call back about that script.

Me: Me and my kidney thank you John. Have a great day!

I think the upbeat sound to my voice threw him off a bit, as he didn’t seem ready for what came out of my mouth. But you know, if folks/places do crazy things, they should expect a low level crazy response from me. Just saying.

And Office Worker John made good on his word that Anne was gonna call me back. She did and I *finally* got the script. Now I can stop being in pain.

#DisabledChronicles #TrueStoriesOf2016