I’m gonna need #WhitePeople to get it together.
WHY would you come into a HOSPITAL in the middle of a pandemic, by-pass all the safety protocols, ignore all the masked people handing you a mask as you enter, head straight for the info desk and then have the AUDACITY to lean in to have your conversation with the desk clerk who is wearing TWO masks, while you yourself are wearing none?
Somebody?! Anybody wanna explain that to me?!
Then when the greeter that you passed comes rushing to hand you a mask, frantically asking you to PUT IT ON, you feign surprise as if it is your first time on EARTH and like you’ve never heard of this pandemic business?
#CovidKaren, the entire state of FLORIDA is now the epicenter of this pandemic and you dare waltz into these people hospital with NO MASK?! And the mask they do give you, you decide to half ass it and place it BELOW your nose?! That’s like putting a condom on the nutsack – USELESS.
Every time I have to be out, ALL my Brown and Black brethren are MASKED to the gills – kerchief, paper mask, cloth masks – the Brown and Black Coalition is handling their business. But White People? White People just can’t seem to be bothered – WHAT?!
Sweet Patron Saint of Chipotle! White People are gonna kill us all!!!
This post will probably land me in FB jail. But this needs to be said:
Can the sane White People Coalition PLEASE collect y’all wayward folks?! I haven’t been able to safely leave my house in over a FREAKING YEAR AND A HALF cause folks can’t be bothered to wear a mask… a simple mask! I’m trying my best not to DIE and y’all just out here like ain’t NOTHIN’ going wrong!!!
I CAN’T!!!
Meanwhile, I get home, my aide is gloved up and strips me as butt naked as I can get, we throw the clothes I’ve worn for the day in a pile to be laundered separate from my regular shit. I got TWO whole masks on (which I promptly dispose of), I’m getting washed down from my elbows to my fingertips, my chair control is Lysol wiped to within an inch of its life. And y’all just out here double dog daring COVID?!
The sheer lunacy!