I couldn’t take my blood pressure pill this morning cause my next step after taking it would have been to call the ambulance right before I passed out.
I don’t have any recent memory of my blood pressure being this low?!
This has been as a result of:
1. Moringa pills for a year (I recently stopped but I did complete a year in addition to my prescribed bp pills)
2. Dietary changes – foods that support kidney health as kidneys help regulate bp
3. Environment change. It’s been a year since I’ve been in my own place and not subject to the crazy I had been living in for a while before my move last year
I stay pretty chill most times. No reason or desire to be otherwise.
I have ALOT of things to unpack still. But I’m glad my bp is not one of them. Gotta have talks with my doc about maybe transitioning off of my bp meds by the end of this year maybe.
Life supports where life is supported.
I am thankful for those who show up and support me ?
Keep being chill Fam. ✊?