Those who’ve been following me for any extended length of time know that my body does not like giving up my veins for sacrifice (this is called: being a hard stick). Not for routine blood work or to save my life.

You’d also know my ordeal with Quest labs, where they can *never* find my veins, which usually ends with me having to admit myself to the nearest hospital as outpatient to have their phlebotomist who is well versed in drawing for babies or cadavers to do my routine draws.

Imagine my abject horror when I met with this new allergist and she decided that some labs my GP did showed interesting enough results that she needed to do MORE labs… that very day. ?

I wasn’t prepared. Neither were my veins and apparently neither was the 4-foot-nothing phlebotomist who was unlucky enough to have me on her roster that afternoon. Needless to say, after the absolute carnage that was inflicted upon my inner arm, nary a tube was filled that day.

I was given back my paperwork, told to drink more water and to come back another day.

Today was that day…

Apparently they were able to secure a Deep Vein Whisperer because this woman was able to call forth a pretty deep vein and extract three tubes for my new labs. Effortlessly.

I don’t want to ignore the fact that I also did my part by drinking a crap ton of water and eating like a regular human for two days vs. the hodge-podge eating I do regularly. But the way she went for my arm like ‘Today is that day vein, You WILL obey’ – that was magical! I wish I could put her in my pocket and carry her around for all my draws ???

So now? We await the results…