Dreamed last night that I was walking (!!!) a dirt road to a cabin in the woods.

When I got there I found myself in the kitchen – which was a down right mess. I mean dirty pots EVERYWHERE. I was standing in the middle of the mess, head full of my prior thick natural hair, tied in a white kerchief with blue flowers, house coat and slippers. I was skinny, short and determined. So I began cleaning it. I mean, there were pots so big that my short arms disappeared into them as I cleaned them. The backsplash was so dirty that it wasn’t until I took a sponge to them that I knew they were supposed to be white 😑

After cleaning a while, I had to sit down cause my feet began to hurt. And while I was sitting, one of the cabin folk who lived there, came to the kitchen and began looking around.

I told him I wasn’t quite through, but I had to sit for a spell. His eyes opened wide and he began exclaiming, “Oh my God! It’s so CLEAN in here! The tiles are so white! The pots so clean!”

This commotion summoned the other cabin-folk who all began making a fuss. I told them I didn’t think I did such a great job but that it was a start in the least. They just kept exclaiming how great it was and they said they’d finish rinsing out the pots for me while I took a break.

Then I went to sit by the fire with Lee and some other cabin-folk as she began talking about her brother. She mentioned how he would have saved the young girl who was murdered not far from this cabin had he been alive (he passed some time ago in real life. I’ve never met him except to see him in pictures and to know of him through the stories Lee has told me). The detail was so vivid that I conjured a seemingly alive image of him into existence so everyone could see. I was shocked and a little creeped out because one of us wasn’t supposed to be there – either him because he is passed or me because I am alive.

Then I was like, it’s time for me to go back to the kitchen. I wanted to check the progress of the pots. But when I got back to the kitchen, the pots were all done. So I decided to cook for everyone. But when I opened the cabinets, all I found was regular pasta, which I can’t eat.

But I cooked it anyway, with lemon, butter, garlic, chicken, shrimp, Parmesan and tomato. I couldn’t taste it because I remember thinking, ‘This isn’t gluten free. It’s gonna make me sick. I hope it comes out ok’ and I took a big pinch of salt and threw it in the pot, mixed everything together and as I was finishing, one of the cabin-folk came in.

I was like, ‘It’s just what I could put together, I’m not sure it’s that great.” But I served him a bowl and his face lit up! He began exclaiming again, “Oh my God! This is soooooo good!” Then everyone else came in and began to serve themselves a bowl and exclaiming how great the food was. Some one asked, “Where did this girl come from?! And how did she end up here with us?!” No one knew, not even me.

The cabin-folk began to exclaim how I had saved them all and ask if I could stay. I stayed quiet in their excitement as I knew in my heart that I would only be passing through and as soon as the rain was gone, I’d be on my way.