Life supports where life is supported. – Unknown
I’ve been doing a lot of reading lately and I don’t remember where I got this from. But it’s stuck with me.
I’ve been trying to sit with it but really It’s been sitting with me. I’m trying to understand what that means in my life currently.
How have I been supporting life (living) in my life recently? What has that been looking like? Where have I been holding on where I’ve needed to let go? What have I been nurturing that is making me ill? That has been toxic? That is long past no good for Me and me? What have I been putting my energies into?
This statement is well beyond what serves Me/me. Ice cream serves me but not in the same way that a slice of avocado with a balanced meal does. But bigger and to the point of that quote – what foods am I allowing into my body and why? What things am I allowing into my Self and why? What am I allowing to give and suppport life in and around me… most importantly why? Why those things specifically?
Life supports where life is supported. What life are you supporting? Inside – what life are you actively supporting?
I’ve realized the importance of The Why in the past few months. The Why helps us remember the reasons for embarking on a hard thing, a difficult thing, a necessary thing. The Why has been low level, constant motivation to speak up and out. The Why has been reason to rethink, regroup, retry. The Why has been reason when nothing else made sense.
What life within yourself are you supporting? Why?