Sandra Jean-Pierre, 2022

Dear 46 Year Old Sandra,

You terrify Me. A lot.
You are relentless, tireless, fierce, determined.
The things you’ve been through can fill volumes of books, can break many hearts many lifetimes over and can break the toughest of men. And though you have been broken, you’ve felt defeated, you rise up and just Go ?
You are, unassuming and steadfast. You push through when it doesn’t make sense to, you find gold in the most unlikely of places. Your heart, still finds a way to beat even as it breaks, even as it is still broken.
You nurture You and love You the best ways you know how and keep learning new ways everyday. You find ways to dream new dreams and achieve them. You are a powerhouse. Please remember this, when things get hard, lean into this undefinable understanding of You.
You had a slip of a desire invigorate you enough last year to apply to law school (!!!) and you got in! I’m so glad and proud of You for being Sandra Strong.
You don’t tell yourself this nearly enough, but You are brave, you are beautiful, you are strong, you are life and love. You are good. You are enough.
By this time next year, your strength now will have propelled us into the second semester of our first year of law school. We can do it, only in the ways that we know how.
Continue being brave, being honest, being authentic and true. I love you for loving You and showing up.
Thank you for our future ?
-Love, Future Me