Soooo… After feeling like my left kidney was stomped on by an angry cow, I called my doctor’s office LAST WEEK Thursday and told them that I had some UTI issues going on and that I would be in need of a script for antibiotics.

The new Nurse Practitioner who is now taking my case as his patient, sounded super skeptical as my labs from just two weeks ago came back “clean”. He wanted me to pee in a cup and bring it in before he called me in a script. I tried to plead my case but he was standing firm. Sigh.

Seriously though, if I was hooked on anything (which I am not), antibiotics would not be my thing. They are bitter, they dry you out and make your unmentionable parts as unbalanced as a scale in a grocery store.

So I hand them their samples, give up a few vials of blood and wait.

Meanwhile, I am popping my cranberry extract pills like Pez candy because my kidney?… is killing me, these chills won’t quit and this general feeling of unwell is not cute..

Fast forward to the call I received today from said Doctor’s office advising that I indeed have a UTI as confirmed from my pee test AND my blood work. 😐 But they didn’t believe me tho >:(

If there are two things I know my body is capable of doing awesomely, it’s being really well (working better than expected) or getting REALLY sick, REALLY fast. Never fails.

I don’t generally like going to “new” medical professionals because there is a period of time where you have to “break” them in and those are the times when I get the sickest. Medical professionals tend to doubt until they see lab results. I hope this doesn’t repeat and the new NP believes me next time he has to treat me/I ask him to call me in a script.

#IToldYouIWasSick #WhyYouAintBelieveMeTho #IHopeYouGiveMeYourKidneyAfterYouLetThisOneBreak #AntibioticsWouldntBeMyDOCAnyway #CanILive 
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