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Sandra Jean-Pierre | Digital Artist & Writer of Words.

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Amazing! First Art Show

Well… it is done! This art show was AMAZING! I was nervous for a bit but seeing my prints (that many of my Facebook friends helped make happen) fixed all that! Being in that space, with all the other artists was like a dream! It was too awesome having my family and friends there for support💗💗💗 Reactions… I was not ready for people’s reaction when they saw my work?! They were genuinely moved and touched by them in ways that

Thanks to all those who have been reading my blog these past few days – I appreciate all those who have stuck by me in my silent absences and all the new folks!  It is awesome to be writing for myself again and to have people who actually care what I write about. As mentioned in the last post – Show and Tell, though just one lovely soul voted, I have been determined to get my idea up on its