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Sandra Jean-Pierre | Digital Artist & Writer of Words.

Tag: Dad

  I know. It’s been some time since I posted anything. But I am here.  I promise. I’ve been trying not to grieve too messily or in a way that will make you all wish you never ran into my blog. To help me to that end, I’ve decided to go back to my posting every Sunday schedule, which I had been trying to do, before my life took a detour. So keep an eye out this Sunday, at noon,

Life Ways

My Uncle has a thick band of periwinkle blue embedded between two encircling rounds of brown within his irises.  Like the wonder of blue phosphorescence against the pitch black of ocean – it is all that you can see and all that seems to matter.  This wonder is curtained behind sweeping eyelashes set on almond shaped eyes.  His skin is a dark brown sugar, much like mine has baked into under the relentless Miami summer sun and my refusal to stay