White Flower © Sandra Jean-Pierre

White Flower © Sandra Jean-Pierre

© 2009 Sandra Jean-Pierre

This dance

this formative
boder?-No boder mi!
Mama!-Fe respe wou wi tifi!

that we find ourselves
in the middle of
that we can’t break away from
no matter
how far or wide
or permanent
these miles seem

as we try – oh we try
to squeeze out
from beneath
these shadows
you’ve conveniently left for us

In vain, this squeezing, in vain

Exactly how is it
that one hides from the sun?

Cha cha
slide-step dance

You knowing
our next move
before we make it dance

even as we break out
into this solo daughter-improv dance

that you still
manage to follow to a T…

Someone with the answer
please tell wi
daughter’s daughter dis:

How does one evade
the hand, heart and mind
from which we are made
and not miss the
reason that we exist?

It’s in the mix-
there is nothing to separate –
it’s in the mix.

So maybe – maybe?
in this final
slow waltzing dance
with it’s lilt and soft swing
we can finally dance