I’ve been brainstorming – trying to find a way to cover my Special Snowflake Food Budget Situation, as mentioned in Beautiful Hunger and I came up with something that I want to share with you guys.

I do vector illustrations of hands for fun.  The hours of painstaking labor actually relaxes me and puts me in a zen zone that would be second only to when I eat ice cream.  Yeah, I know.  But it does.  So I was thinking about offering prints of my illustrations, in various series for sale at about $10.00 per print.  I’m figuring another $5.00 for shipping within the US.  Call it $15.00 even and I would hand sign and number each print.

I’m leaning towards this versus begging on the streets cause:
a) I would actually be providing a product for your hard earned duckets
2) The packing/shipping/printing/signing would be something my hands could actually handle and not be in pain afterwards
!) I don’t think I would actually make very much begging – let me be honest with myself here…

I would have to find the right kind of paper for making the prints (which I don’t think would be a hard thing to do) and I think I would be able to get this on its feet.

I would actually need you guys’ help though, in getting the word out about this endeavor.  I’ve made peace with the fact that my SMA has dictated the limits of what I can accomplish physically but not anything that I set my mind to and my mind is pretty much set on doing this.

What say you Citizens?!  Would you purchase prints (sans the watermarks) of my artwork below?

This is the Study of Hands 3, Darkroom Series

SoH3 copySoH3 copySoH3 copy

Let me know in the comments below and when this thing takes off, I will gift a set of these prints to the first person who comments!

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